San Francisco Bay Area African Hair Braiding

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Phone (415) 378-4413


"Very friendly and warm braider"

"Yes, her work is very worth it"

"Spent 4 amazing hours braiding my hair and I encourage you to go to her"

"Another great hairdo, love my weaves"

"I truly enjoyed her work, she does great job."

"I just move from New York to San Francisco and this braider total rock my hair"

"With so much noise in saloons, I honestly enjoyed the quite environment"

"I love my braids; your work is wonderful and unique. Thank you!"

"I recently braided my hair and I will definitely go back again."

"I have been back 7 times and as always enjoyed having my hair done."

"She is funny and laid back and she is faster than any other braider I know"

"This braider has been wonderful each time I get my hair done."

"She is totally down to earth and she love braiding."

"I love her work, very reasonable price"

"I will not go anywhere else"

"I don't know who else is better than her"