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Things to Consider when Choosing your Style:

With so many options available, choosing a braid, weave, or extension style might be a challenging choice for you! However, by understanding your options, you'll receive the exact style and look you want. Below we've offered our best advice for choosing a style that best fits your hair type, so you'll leave your appointment feeling fresh, radiant, and gorgeous.

Understanding Hair Texture:

Since different styles work best with particular hair textures, this is one of the most important things to consider when selecting braids, weaves, or extensions. Is your hair texture straight, fine, curly, coarse, or naturally African? Based on your hair texture, African Hair Braiding provides free consultations to help you choose the best style for you.

Choosing Hair Extensions:

When choosing hair extensions, we provide three options:

  • Human Hair Extensions

  • Synthetic Hair Extensions

  • Synthetic/Human Hair Blend Extensions

In addition to choosing the composition of your hair extensions, you will also want to choose from the different levels of wave we offered by African Hair Braids, including:

  • Straight

  • Super Wave

  • Curly Wave

  • Loose Wave

Hair extensions are available in any length, including short, medium, and long.